Travel Competition

As a further incentive and reward for Frequent Buyers in the Inlernet System, opportunities to travel to various inspiring locations are organized and financed by Inlernet every half a year.

The Travel Competition will be assessed and organized every half a year, usually in the 2nd or 3rd months from the end of the half. Frequent Buyers can track the current standings of the Competition in their Web Offices at the Inlernet® Travel Competition Rankings, which shows their additive half-year travel score results corresponding to their respective positions, calculated on the basis of the table below.

Positions Own performance Group performance
Number Name Value of 1 Own Unit Travel Score Value of 1 Group Unit Travel Score
1. Sales Agent 30 30
2. Sales Advisor 30 20
3. Sales Manager 30 15
4. Group Manager 30 10
5. Team Director 30 5
6. Division Director 30 3
7. Owner Director 30 1

The total number of participants of the Travel Competition shall be determined by the national sales turnover rates produced in the half. The number of participants increases by one after every 10,000 national Unit. The number of all national Units produced during the half shall be divided by 10,000; the result is the number of traveling participants.

The group of travelers, calculated on the basis of the above, shall include Frequent Buyers with the highest Travel Scores as of the last day of the half.

All travel expenses are borne by Inlernet®. Depending on needs and possibilities, the first 10 participants may invite their partners or close adult relatives to the trip, with all costs borne by the participant. Inlernet must be notified on the partners’ participation in writing at least 60 days before the closing of the half.

If a Frequent Buyer entitled to travel does not claim her/his opportunity to travel, the group of participants shall not be extended to the next person in the rankings, and thus no other Frequent Buyer may take the unclaimed place.

A further condition of participation in the Travel Competition is that at the time of travel, the Frequent Buyer must be in an existing contractual relationship with Inlernet.

From position 4 on, the “80% rule” shall be applied to the calculation of Travel Scores; this means that the Travel Scores Frequent Buyers obtain from the number of Units of their direct Frequent Buyers who produce the most Units can be counted towards the total Travel Score for a maximum rate of 80%.

There is no cash alternative to travel and rights to travel are not transferable.

Taxes incurred by earning monetary profit in the form of travel shall be paid for directly by Frequent Buyers, who must arrange for tax return as well as for making advance tax payments and tax payments.

We wish you persistence, consistency, and success in your activities so that you can have a chance to participate in this wonderful trip!