Trainings and events

Inlernet® not only operates a well-thought and mature frequent buyers’ system but offers a career opportunity to all Frequent Buyers, who wish for pursuing an activity that provides higher income and reward, but is entertaining and value-creating at the same time. All that is needed for the Inlernet® career system offering quick progression are sedulousness and a little persistence in order to complement a profitable purchasing opportunity with exponentially growing incomes.

We at Inlernet realize our goals on incomes derived from an activity that does not involve selling products, that does not require you to force others into buying something not worth its price or not needed at all. Buyers can purchase their familiar everyday products in their familiar shops and still make money on such transactions. It is like being the owners of an enormous department store, where one can buy any and all products and services available in the country: you of course apply a margin, a commission to the sale of each product. People will always be spending money on their everyday needs, tens your profit is guaranteed.

We really do offer a possibility for a cheaper, simpler life more full of value, such that everybody needs. And there is more to it than just a yeasty slogan!

This way, you can find an activity at Inlernet that is not only profitable but delightful as well, and is capable of substituting your current job. There are but a few who can boast jobs where their persistent, sedulousness, and committed work is rewarded with a suitable career and recognition (GTC, Appendix 1).

It is known that recognitions of diverse kinds are often more motivating than money itself. During our persistent sponsoring activities, our Frequent Buyers can keep progressing within an objective career system, where they can pass their acquired knowledge and experience on to new Frequent Buyers, thus supporting them.

Our successful Frequent Buyers deserve recognition they can be proud of, so their awards are conferred on them in a ceremonious way. From special golden pins through golden-titanium pen sets and laptops to proprietary car financing and office support as well as to the international Inlernet Dividend: everybody receives fit recognition with Inlernet®.

Yet what good do high income and neat recognitions do if we do not have time to be with our families and enjoy all the comforts life may offer? Therefore, Inlernet® also offers the opportunity for a well-managed family business. Moreover, in order to make your life one that is indeed filled with experiences, discoveries, and development, each half year, Inlernet® arranges for its most successful Frequent Buyers to travel to exotic, exciting, and scenic parts of the world. This way, the best among the most successful have a chance to relax, together with their partners, after a tiring half (details).

Inlernet® is proud of the success of its Frequent Buyers, as their success is that of Inlernet® at the same time. Be part of our success!

If those set forth above strike you as appealing or as simply interesting, please contact your Referee, watch the Frequent Buyers’ Benefits presentation, or apply right now, free of charge!