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Venues and dates

We, at Inlernet has no doubt whatsoever that only through regular participation in training transferring knowledge and shaping personality is it possible to achieve long-term successes in this fast developing world of ours.

To face this challenge, Inlernet® has developed its own system of training customised to meet the above requirements. The training that we provide for our Frequent Buyers accompanies them along the way to success, so that they are never left to their own devices. This enables them to be prepared specifically for the tasks they have to carry out and to do so confidently. Our training covers social engineering, communication skills, body language, management and other specialised knowledge linked to our daily activities.

We set great store by transferring only such specialised knowledge that can be put into practice easily. Therefore, both experienced speakers and experts share their expertise with Frequent Buyers. Our events are a source of information and offer the most recent shopping tips and an excellent opportunity to get to know others including sole traders, dealers, service providers and the owners of prestigious businesses in a relaxed environment.

If uncoupled with physical and spiritual development, professionalism is worth nothing. Inlernet® pays special attention to the balanced development of its frequent buyers in every respect, in accordance with the original idea.

Would you like to develop personally, learn about something you are interested in and holds attraction for you and get in touch with the real aces?

If yes, contact your Referee, watch the intro to the advantages benefiting Frequent Buyers and apply free of charge.