Carrier System

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The Problem

Most of us aim to increase our incomes in a relatively simple and risk-free way, without having to spend significantly more time with working than we currently do. At the same time, we find it important to reduce our expenses really efficiently in this fast-paced and ever more expensive world. Realizing both of the above simultaneously is usually possible only through undesirable relinquishments and sacrifices, therefore until now, all this remained nothing but a sweet dream for many. A number of investment companies, financial institutes, and financial advising companies offer yeasty-sounding solutions to this, yet an effective long-term solution that offers material benefits is yet to be conceived. We realized that this is a global issue, and by now we offer a real working solution for everyone striving to live an easier life more full of value.

Most of our expenses stay with us during our entire lives.

Such are our expenses related to:

  • our loved ones,
  • our studies
  • our homes,
  • our home furnishings,
  • household items and electronics,
  • vehicles,
  • foodstuff,
  • entertainment,
  • our hobbies,
  • dressing,
  • recreation,
  • sporting,

leisure time.

We can obtain all these only from salespersons and service providers, and at ever higher prices. We buy these using the money for which we work a lot, ripping us from valuable moments to spend with our families. Moreover, rises in our incomes more often than not lag behind rises in prices, thíus we are trapped in an unstoppable treadmill. We often lose parts of our hard-earned money, because these indispensable everyday things are offered by many salespersons and service providers simultaneously, as competitors of one another. This way we often buy the same product at a higher price, or one of lower quality at the same price. Nowadays, we have neither time nor energy to familiarize ourselves with the offers of all salespersons.

The Solution

Inlernet® gathers into a community those who would like to purchase things at lower prices and are concerned about their personal monthly financial budget. Any buyer above the age of 14 may register with Inlernet free of charge. In order for the number of Frequent Buyers to grow exponentially, it is in the financial interest of Frequent Buyers to recommend Inlernet to the people around them. As the number of Frequent Buyers is growing dynamically, we have the possibility to be selective in choosing salespersons and service providers. Those meeting our requirements and willing to see a rapid rise in the number of their customers become our Product Partners.
Nowadays, with increasing competition and the decrease of buying force, it is in the best interest of all salespersons to become our Product Partner. We aim to primarily select domestic salespersons, thus assisting their growth and strengthening against their internationally owned competitors. With all this, we can create value for the whole country.

Salespersons must only meet our requirements, which are the following:

  • Doing business fairly,
  • offering high rebates,
  • timely commission payment,
  • good customer references,
  • significant commercial and business experience,
  • at least 1 year of operation,
  • high-quality products or services,
  • flexible payment options,
  • long-term thinking,
  • firm financial and moral basis.

Our Product Partners are interested in reducing their advertising costs and in having continuously growing sales turnovers without conceiving customer incentives and investments. Inlernet® makes satisfied customers interested in recommending Product Partners to others as well. Given that salespersons spend more than half of their incomes on advertising, many times to no avail, they snatch at the opportunity offered by Inlernet®. By merging simple ideas, we can provide salespersons with a wide clientele, in return for which they can offer our Frequent Buyers special rebates. It is known that without the need to spend on advertising, products can become cheaper. Moreover, we can buy, at lower prices, products on which we would never think about asking for, and would never receive, rebates (foodstuffs, entertainment, fuel, services, etc.). Inlernet® Frequent Buyers have nothing else to do but buying the desired products and services at Inlernet® Product Partners. There is no need to bargain: Inlernet® has already taken care of that on the Frequent Buyers’ behalf. Upon purchasing, Frequent Buyers prove that they are Inlernet® Frequent Buyers by quoting their Frequent Buyers ID or by presenting their Frequent Buyers card. Inlernet® requests the agreed-upon rebate after the amount spent from the Product Partner. Once the rebate is transferred to the bank account of Inlernet®, Frequent Buyers will be able to see this in their personal Web Offices shortly thereafter. The more such in-person purchases Frequent Buyers make, the more Frequent Buyer refunds and commissions (set forth in “Appendix 1 of GTC”) they receive. These shall be paid in cash and in the form of purchase vouchers.

And what makes the Inlernet System truly unique:
Our acquaintances, friends, or relatives often ask if we know, or care to recommend, salespersons or service providers they actually need. We of course always help them unselfishly, without expecting compensations of any kind. These times are hereby gone! We can of course help and make recommendations without expecting our friends to dive into their pockets, yet in the Inlernet System©, such help is rewarded appropriately. If our acquaintance becomes an Inlernet® Frequent Buyer, too, then we shall receive a share from the rebate applied to her/his purchases as a reward for our work as a referee. If s/he recommends Inlernet to her/his friends, then s/he, her/his friends, and we alike receive shares from rebates. This way the process becomes an infinite cycle, beneficial for all Frequent Buyers. And all this is done on sums of money that used to be unavailable, since previously, salespersons never returned the money to be spent on advertising to us. The Inlernet System© also facilitates that Frequent Buyers pay retainers on purchase vouchers they intend to use in the future. This way they commit themselves to making purchases at Inlernet® Product Partners yet at the same time they create for themselves an opportunity to earn money immediately on purchases made by others, even by strangers. The value of the retainer can be amended and used towards making purchases at any time yet the incoming cash flow from the purchases of others remains. If those set forth above strike you as appealing or as simply interesting, please contact your Referee, watch the Frequent Buyers’ Benefits presentation, or apply right now, free of charge!