Inlernet System©

What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?”
(George Elliot)

You must have also given a thought or two to how you might make your own life and the life of those around you easier.

Fundamentally, this is exactly the Inlernet System© can help you with and advise you on. Inlernet Worldwide AG. has been registered as a company limited by shares in Switzerland, one of Europe’s most stable economies. The underlying reasons for the foundation of the company included grassroots values and laudable ideas

The Inlernet System® operates a community of frequent buyers and issues and distributes purchase vouchers enabling it to reach out to a large number of people, which is key to generating significant and mutual development on the part of both buyers and dealers. Stress is on the word “significant”, mark you. You will also know of frequent buyer schemes. You may also be a member of one or two. The word “significant” means that you are refunded a significant amount of money and an equally significant number of purchase vouchers rather than granted bonus point or gifts. Furthermore, you may participate in training courses that may inspire you and invigorate and enrich you both physically and spiritually. The Inlernet System® provides services via the Internet relying on hardware, software and a patent. Although the Inlernet® brand is a new brand, its expertise, ideas and level of sophistication are all outstanding and unique expertise in this segment, which sets a standard for others in this niche. It firmly believes that Inlernet® is one of the most efficient solutions to global issues, a solution which, laying down the foundations of positive development, will result in spiritual renaissance for humanity. Therefore, Inlernet® has adopted the following slogan:

„Create value with your purchases”

Inlernet®’s vision

If we are to create great values and do great deeds, a realistic, well thought-out corporate vision is indispensable. A vision is a realistic, actual, desirable situation in the future that the Management and Business Partners, Frequent Buyers and Product Partners can embrace. Based on this, Inlernet®’s vision is based on genuine values rather than some commonplace, pompous, materialistic and unrealistic desires.

Inlernet®’s vision is “to legally operate a philanthropic community based on grassroots ideas of frequent buyers where both Frequent Buyers and Product Partners create values for the world and themselves”.

For this reason, we firmly believe that driven by the right motives, people will join the Inlernet System gladly, and promote the system enthusiastically and widely.

Inlernet® is striving to operate the world’s best-known community of frequent buyers handling the largest sales turnover in a short time. This objective also means that it will be able to contribute the highest amount of funds to charities and philanthropic causes.

Please take your time and familiarise yourself with the way we realise the above goals, and we are convinced that the ingenious idea of the Inlernet System® will also facilitate your development.