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The Problem

Sooner or later, every tradesperson and service provider comes to face the problem of competitors emerging in the market. This forces everybody to initiate smart and costly customer-attracting advertisements and campaigns in order to increase her/his turnover as compared to those of competitors, which involves significant risk. Half of all money spent on ads does not pay, only you cannot possibly know which half of it would be. Many times even the necessary price increases cannot be performed for fear of the loss of buying force; for this reason, businesses keep becoming less and less economic to operate in the long run. It is of course an advantage for buyers, but only a short-term one: in the long run it turns into a disadvantage as the familiar tradesperson suddenly disappears from the market.

The Solution

It is well-known that the best advertisement is a satisfied customer. Yet an even more effective way of advertising is making satisfied customers themselves interested in advertising you. Inlernet® offers an effective System for this age-old and so far mostly unsolvable problem. It collects customers who would like to buy cheaper and gain more income into a group. It seeks out Product Partners interested in significantly increasing their turnovers, or in strengthening their market position as compared to those of their competitors. In return for mediation, they agree to provide certain rebates that shall be paid by the Product Partners to Inlernet after purchases. In accordance with the rules of the Inlernet System©, this sum shall be shared among Frequent Buyers.

One part of this rebate is returned to the bank accounts of our Frequent Buyers; this being cash, they can spend it anywhere and on anything. The other part is returned in the form of purchase vouchers, which can only be redeemed at our Product Partners; this way, discounts provided reappear as turnover.

Inlernet® has built an emolument System where each Frequent Buyer receives a share of the rebates applied to the purchases made by other Frequent Buyers referred by them; therefore, they can generate income not only from their own purchases but from those of others.

15% of the tradespersons operating in a given trading segment and area may be admitted as Product Partners to the Inlernet System, thus preventing competition. It is in the Frequent Buyers’ interest to spend their money only with our Product Partners, since this is the only way they are entitled to remuneration.

Therefore, if our Product Partners return the money, which they would otherwise spend on advertising or other customer incentives, to Frequent Buyers through the Inlernet System, then they can expect to receive an exponentially growing, reliable, and loyal clientele in return.

Many tradespersons offer their customers their own frequent buyers’ schemes in order to drive customer loyalty and sales turnover. However, this is usually costly and ineffective in attracting new customers to the salesperson. A better solution is when our Product Partners at the same time become Frequent Buyers in the Inlernet System; thus they can simply introduce their existing clientele among Inlernet® Frequent Buyers, with Product Partners becoming referees themselves. This way, our Product Partners can also generate income from the money the Frequent Buyers referred by them spend elsewhere. This means that they can earn a multiple of the rebates (offered to their existing customers) from the commissions returned by Inlernet®. Altogether, this way the number of customers can be increased without any advance or follow-up costs, and salespersons can efficiently use the Inlernet System instead of, or besides, their own frequent buyers’ schemes. Product Partners can recommend and advertise the Inlernet System to customers in a way that is integrated with their own identities.

Further Product Partner Advantages

  • Product Partner Registration is free
  • Commission is to paid based on actual turnover rates only
  • Commission rates are flexible and negotiable
  • Quick and long-term turnover growth
  • Turnover growth due to online vouchers
  • Opportunity to get income from products marketed in other sectors
  • Elimination of risky advertising costs
  • Buyers do not leave for competitors
  • Free international advertisement
  • Free full-page advertising space on the Inlernet® website for each store

If those set forth above strike you as appealing or as simply interesting, please contact Inlernet Hungary Partners Zrt, the Hungarian subsidiary of Inlernet®, on working days (between 9 am and 5:30 pm), or one of the thousands of our Product Partner Referrers, and watch the presentation for Product Partners.!

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