Car Advertisement

Our Frequent Buyers who possess a vehicle examined and deemed of adequate condition by Inlernet have the opportunity to apply a sticker set to her/his vehicle, which advertises Inlernet, her/his own cell phone number, and the Referees’ website. The advertisement consists in one large Inlernet® logo on each of the two front doors, the slogan “Create value with your purchases!,” the website address ( or the website of your own Inlernet Referee), and the own cell phone number of our Frequent Buyer. All the above shall appear on the back of the vehicle, except for the logo.

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The Frequent Buyer may have the advertising stickers applied to her/his own vehicle by a professional workshop at her/his own expense, as authorized and prescribed by Inlernet.

According to statistical surveys and market research companies, this advertising method is profitable and efficient. We suggest that you make use of this special opportunity in order to make the Inlernet® brand known in your environment, to further enhance trust, and to significantly increase the number of frequent buyer registrations

Frequent Buyers who have the stickers applied to their vehicles are entitled to receive one Sticker Bonus Entitlement every three months, following the third month.

Terms and conditions regarding the Sticker Bonus Entitlement received are the same as those regarding the Personal Bonus Entitlement.

Further terms and conditions regarding the Sticker Bonus Entitlement:

- the Frequent Buyer must be present, from beginning to end, by paying the entry fee, at Inlernet Days organized monthly by Inlernet,
- once in every three months, s/he must present the vehicle at an Inlernet Day to a Controller tasked by Inlernet,
- the Frequent Buyer must keep the vehicle clean,
- in three months, at least 2,000 kilometers of mileage must be accumulated using the vehicle.

The Sticker Bonus Entitlement is available, and can be requested, only in case all the above conditions are met. The Sticker Bonus Entitlement must be requested by the Frequent Flyer from Inlernet via e-mail every three months.

The stickers can be removed later on without damaging the vehicle and there is a 3-year warranty on them.

If you found our offer interesting, please send high-quality photos of all sides of your vehicle, the make, model, manufacturing year, color, possible damages, and faults of your vehicle, as well as your cell phone number (for assessment and authorization) via e-mail (

Make use of one of the most efficient advertising opportunities authorized by Inlernet® as well!