Two-year spend

Using the table below, you can easily calculate your commissions due from your two-year spending, and the recommended value of retainers to be paid. Please fill in the fields below to calculate the recommended value of retainers, then for the calculation of commissions, provide the number of direct and indirect referents.

Expenses Monthly Annually In 2 years
Foodstuff USD
Clothing USD
Fuel USD
Vehicle USD
Phone USD
Entertainment USD
Sport USD
Real estate USD
Home furnishings USD
Household items USD
Leisure time USD
Holiday USD
Planned goals, others USD
Rebates on total expenses (10%)
60% of rebates on total expenses
Recommended retainers for 2 years
Nr. of Entitlements from retainers
Immediately formed entitlement commission
from own earnest money
Customer refunds
Use earnest money
Entitlement Commission
Customer refunds
The result of earnest money heir total own purchases in 2 years
Entitlement commission from own earnest money of Referees
The result of earnest money from recommendation in 2 years
Nr. of direct referents pers
Nr. of indirect referents one level down /person pers
Retainers by direct referents (calculated on the basis of the above expenses)
Retainers by indirect referents (calculated on the basis of the above expenses)
Referees refunds (calculated on the basis of the above expenses)
Career Commission from direct referents
Career Commission from indirect referents
Referee Commission from direct referents
Referee Commission from indirect referents
Total commissions
Nr. of Career Units
Travel Competition Score
Position achieved
Rewards achieved

1: Nr. of Entitlements used for calculation: Entitlement(s).
Due to technical constraints, the number of Entitlements used may differ from the number of Entitlements calculated on the basis of spending.
Values shown on the website do not constitute a valid offer! Data calculated here are results of a simplified simulation, and as such are inevitably inaccurate, approximate, rounded, and idealized values!