User Advantages

We are firmly committed to achieving the goal of Inlernet®’s offering philanthropic support globally through its activity and the values that it creates. It is aiming to act as an ambassador cherishing this idea and this system of values and play an increasingly major role in improving the quality of life in micro-communities, win people over to healthier diets and teach them how to lead a healthier life.
In order to realise these goals effectively, Inlernet Worldwide AG. contributes 33% of its total revenues - by way of the Inlernet Foundation - to the following 8 causes:

  • Support for the idea of “a sound mind in a sound body”,
  • Increasing social care,
  • Grassroots education and training,
  • Recycling and consistent use of untapped human resources in the interest of micro- and macro-communities,
  • Environment and nature protection, prevention of harmful processes, trends,
  • Encouraging and creating a market for bioeconomy,
  • Funding research and development furthering the future of humanity,
  • Supporting research aimed at hitherto untapped sources harmless to humanity.

Undoubtedly, Inlernet® focuses all its thoughts, activities, teachings and aspirations on creating values in the interest of humanity and the world.
We will inform you regularly on the milestones of this value creation process that we have reached.

Inlernet Foundation realized subsidies


  • 2013 - a charity auction for “The Sounds of Silence” Cluster.
  • 2013 - a fund-raising event at Christmas for the Children’s Home and Kindergarten in Cseppkő Street.
Use Inlernet® to create values with your purchases!
Remember that whenever you make your purchases via the Inlernet System, you, too, contribute symbolically to the gathering of the 33% that helps to make a better world.

A constant reminder of this is Inlernet®’s slogan:

„Create value with your purchases!”